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Ms. Rashidah Binte Ali (Reg No. R1102051)
Ms. Shirley Ng Chiou Peng (Reg No. R1102121)
Ms. Rachel Lee (Reg No. R1102052)

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Mr. Ng Chwee Ho

Admin & Finance

Mdm. Ee Ah Moi


Pledges to ensure that the helper's abilities and experiences are able to meet with the customer's expectations.
Orange Employment Agency was started in 1997 by Shirley Ng. A chartered accountant by training, Shirley worked for several public-listed companies in the service industry over a period of 10 years before embarking on bringing her vision of a professional personal service in the foreign domestic worker industry.
Over the years, Orange Employment Agency has successfully cultivated a highly service-oriented culture whilst offering quality support and services to her many clients. To-date, Orange has assisted more than 1,000 families in Singapore to meet their childcare, parent-care and domestic needs. In fact, almost all of Orange's clientele come from an impressive network of referrals and repeat business.
Orange Employment Agency's success can be attributed to their recipe of knowing their clients on a personal level. This high level of service delivery allows clients to provide direct and constructive feedback to enable continuous improvement. This has definitely resulted in high customer satisfaction and confidence.
Recognised as a natural industry leader, Shirley served as Secretary for the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) from 2009-2010. From 2010-2012, Shirley served as President of the Association and successfully lifted the profile of a complex and challenging industry. Today, Shirley remains an authority on matters relating to the challenges faced by the government, employers, domestic workers and employment agencies. She is often sought by media outlets for her views and advice.
In order to successfully match a helper's abilities and experience with a client's needs and expectations, Shirley personally conducts all interviews of potential candidates in their home countries. Shirley travels to Indonesia and the Philippines at least once a month to source for available and suitable candidates for deployment in Singapore homes.

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